Cork benefits


INSPIO kid's cork playmats are natural, eco-friendly and hand-made in Europe. These kid's rugs are aesthetical and a functional accessory for every kid's bedroom. Cork rugs have excellent sound-absorbing properties and are shock absorbent in case of a fall and cosy up the bedroom. The playmats are suitable for allergic people because they do not provide an environment for mites and do not absorb dust. Cork as a natural material prevents growing mould and spreading bacterium.

The cork playmat is pleasant and warm to touch. Kids spend a lot of time on the floor while playing, and we want to ensure a perfectly safe and quality surface for their games. The upper side of the playmat is made of a structured cork textile. The bottom side is made of recycled rubber cork. Both sides have anti-skid properties – which will be greatly appreciated with little children. Cork has thermal insulation properties, and it is suitable for the kid's bedroom with underfloor heating.

The playmat is very easy to maintain, and you can hoover it or clean it with water. It is light so that you can change its placement anytime.



An asymmetrical cut out rug is ideal if you want to fill the space by the bed. One side of the carpet is straight to place directly by the bedside. A place for slippers is drawn on the rug, where a child can put them before sleeping. This playmat will be made in use while playing daytime games. There are multicoloured illustrations, roads, rails, seasons of the year, Ludo game or numbers from one to ten.


A rectangular playmat with a child's name is suitable even for smaller spaces. Its size is 129 × 58 cm, and you can place it by the bedside, to the playroom, or simply anywhere where you need to fill the space. This playmat will make every kid's bedroom cosy with its colourful and unique design.


If you are looking for a rug or a playmat that will cosy up and fill the space in a bigger kid's bedroom, then a playmat 129 × 129 cm in size in a square shape is ideal for you. It is personalised, so it is a unique accessory that your children will fall in love with, and so will you. Entangled roads, pathways and rails create a space for kids' fantasy. With only a few cars, animals and figurines, your child will find himself in a magical fantasy world.


A round playmat with 129 cm in diameter can be placed wherever, and it is suitable for all spaces thanks to its shape. A road and rails appear on the playmat, and besides that, also Ludo game or letters of the alphabet. You can use the carpet as a thermal insulator while playing. Cork playmat is an innovative and modern accessory for every kid's bedroom.