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    INSPIO boards are a personalised gift. It is completely up to you what you write on the board. You can even add a photo. You can get inspiration from templates on our page, or you can insert your personal birthday, name day, or anniversary greeting.
    Are you looking for gift tips and original presents, because the birthday person seemingly doesn’t need anything and prefers to choose everything themselves? Close your eyes and take a moment to think – prepare a surprise for them in the form of kind words they will find on the board. Or is the gift receiver a jolly jokester and would be delighted with funny shared memories?

    INSPIO boards make a fantastic gift for both men and women. It is a 30 cm × 40 cm picture, suitable for hanging or placing on furniture. The board is printed on luxurious Dibond™, thick and solid aluminum-coated material.

    Mothers like INSPIO boards with the baby’s birth date as decoration for their nursery. It is a memory that will remind the baby later in life that she/he came into this world and was greeted with much love. Although it seems that moms never forget, a board can hold like birth weight, height, and the time of birth. Maybe your child is a Sunday baby and will not rush to work, and you can laugh about it together, or your baby is a Monday child with plenty of energy …

    True love, first love, long-lasting love. Every relationship needs to be nurtured and spiced up with a bit of romance. We also have wall stickers with quotes, but boards with love declarations are also trendy. INSPIO boards are a beautiful gift for a wedding anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day, or for a boyfriend/girlfriend. A glance at the love verses on an INSPIO board will remind us why we should appreciate one other in everyday life and think of each other in small ways.

    INSPIO boards are a popular gift for moms, mothers-in-law, grandmas, or Mother’s Day. Along with the flowers that all women love, why not gift a board that your mother or grandma can place on the shelf or hang it in the hallway or kitchen?
    Every time she goes around it, she will look at this lovely personalised board.

    A board is also a lovely parting gift for a kindergarten or school teacher. It can be gifted to a teacher by an individual or the whole class. The children’s signatures can be added.

    Suppose you are wondering whether INSPIO boards are suitable as a gift for a friend. In that case, we assure you that it definitely is. Ever since from a young age, every one of us longs for an unbreakable and robust friendship, for better or for worse. We only reveal our secrets, pains, and joys to our absolute best friend. Sometimes this person knows all the news before our relatives do. Engrave INSPIO boards with a personalised message from the bottom of your heart to let them know how much they mean to you.