Wall stickers - Harry Potter

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    You can use our stickers for walls, tiles, furniture, mirrors, glass, windows, and toy boxes.

    The stickers are cleanable and weather resistant. You can also affix them to the car.

    We offer various sticker themes. Use our filter to sort by rooms or themes. We respond to trends in furnishing, and we are constantly trying to expand our offer.
    We have trendy wall stickers with quotes and texts for the living room, bedroom, or hallway. Various sizes and colours like dots and spheres, stars, balloons, or mirror wall stickers are also sought after for child rooms designed in Nordic style. For classic kid rooms, most moms go for wall stickers with an animal or tree design.

    The most sought-after stickers for redecorating furniture or mirrors are flowers, ornaments, or geometric shapes. Stick them easily on kitchen cabinets or sliding doors. Our stickers are a swift solution if you want to change your interior but don't want to replace your furniture or repaint the walls. They stick easily.

    We can also produce wall stickers according to specific requirements. Contact us at
    info@inspiooriginal.com, and we will try to make your sticker dreams come true.